the chapel
rolling inquiry

to say "living + making art in new york city is impossible" is not hyperbole. cost of living makes work–life balance a consistent challenge, never mind the city's oftentimes overwhelming, frenetic energy. enter, the chapel. in october, we stumbled upon this church upstate + knew we had to take a chance. how often are you given the opportunity to conduct a seven month residency in a 150 year old chapel?! it is a 1,300 square foot live-work space with wifi, a kitchen, laundry, a Steinway upright, + multiple bathrooms. it is accessible by amtrak + bus from new york city.

currently, we are preparing the space for use as a studio. soon, we want to open it to our peers because there is a dearth of places with this much freedom available for artists. the form below will be used to gauge interest + aid in planning the logistics of how to best share our space + resources. we are still in the early stages of this experiment, so please bear with us as we figure out the most efficient way to execute our vision. we are open to suggestions + advice.

for all inquiries, whether you want to use the space for a day to record your band's tape or spend a week choreographing a modern dance performance, please fill out the form to the best of your ability. email us at if you have any questions. we will contact you within 2 weeks after submission. we prioritize black + brown individuals, queer + trans people to the front. the chapel is not fully wheelchair accessible, but we are down to accomodate requests as best as possible.

since we are paying out-of-pocket for all costs associated with operating the chapel, we ask anyone willing + able to be involved for a suggested donation based on your answers; 100% of all financial contributions will go towards maintenance + overhead costs for the chapel. we are looking into funds to subsidize artist costs but we want to be transparent that for now our vision of a shared space requires material support: ride shares, lending eqiupment, donations, etc.

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